How It Started

I was born in Sierra Leone 🦁, West Africa, where I learned the values of resilience and perseverance 💎from an early age. In 1998, my family arrived as refugees.

When I was 10 years old, I started using computer programs like Excel and Paint, which sparked my creativity and analytical thinking.

I pursued studies in Fashion Design, which allowed me to explore various forms of creative design, including marketing and social media management. Combining my passion for fashion and digital design has sharpened my eye for beautiful aesthetics, enabling me to create captivating online experiences.

Later, I decided to delve into the field of Psychology 🧠 . This deepened my understanding of user experience and consumer behavior, empowering me to create user-friendly digital experiences. By blending my artistic skills with insights from human psychology, I can deliver exceptional online journeys for websites, apps, and other digital projects.

Along the way, I've learned some basics


🧐 question everything and know nothing
💚 the best ideas are simple and human
🔑 empathy unlocks the doors to connection.
🤝🏾 don't just sit at the table; build chairs
😆 smiling is free and laughter is contagious
💪 do what scares you

The Foundation

***A thirst for authentic***
work connections learning LIVING

💡Pushing beyond checklists to creative solutions.💡

With over 8 years of experience in customer service, I truly understand the importance of building authentic connections that translate into exceptional consumer experience and digital brand management.

By combining customer insights, human psychology, and marketing expertise, we can create seamless experiences across various platforms, including logos, social media, and digital campaigns.

As a well-rounded problem solver, I focus on enhancing the functional, emotional, and social aspects of the consumer experience, making sure to leave a lasting impact and foster strong brand engagement.

Never shy to experience


How It's Going

While completing my B.A. in Psychology, I am immersed in full time work in consumer application support.
In this role, I have the opportunity to constantly broaden my understanding and advocacy for how consumers engage with both digital and physical products.
In addition, I volunteer my digital services to small local businesses and I am currently pursuing the Google UX Certificate to acquire industry knowledge and expertise in creating exceptional digital experiences.

900 hours 🕖

self directed lessions
8 websites
1 personal weppage (🎊 tada!)



✅ JavaScript


⬜ Python

⬜ C++

✅ AI Prompting

  9 to 5 Experience |

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Specialty Team Lead / Coach (2020-2022) - Remote

• Maintained an organized and detailed documentation of 6-8 Agents at a time using an Excel-based calibration sheet to align with technical performance goals.

• Troubleshot performance issues and fostered career development by creating and tracking action plans.

• Wrote help content to simplify daily tasks, improving agent performance and confidence on the job.

Specialty Product Support / Specialty Product Lead (2019-2020) - Remote

• Provided prompt and efficient support to internal and external customers via chat, email, and phone channels regarding the company UBI program, mobile, and device applications by handling technical issues and general inquiries.

• Managed incoming requests and follow-up tickets in a balanced manner to ensure complete resolutions.

• Collaborated to write and implement new training materials and knowledge-based procedures resulting in improved workflow and efficiency. Trained new team members on technical support processes and procedures, resulting in a 30% reduction in call escalation.

• Advocated for product improvement by collaborating closely with the development team to ensure the timely resolution of technical issues and bugs while continuously seeking ways to enhance user experience.

• Adapted quickly to new technologies and software tools to ensure the highest level of technical support for customers.

Insurance Service Rep. (2018-2020) - Remote

• Delivered exceptional customer service regarding car insurance policies by troubleshooting and resolving concerns while ensuring company and state compliance.

• Consecutively executed performance metrics with a 93% resolution rate.

• Created and hosted PowerPoint presentations to 80+ attendees, including leadership and service representatives, on empathic call handling and effective offer placement for additional coverage protection resulting in a 60% increase in offer acceptance rate after attendance.

Residental Team Lead (2017-2018) - Onsite

• Monitored individual and team metrics to identify areas of improvement. Providing one-on-one coaching for development and growth.

• Developed and implemented new coaching strategies that resulted in a 15% increase in agent productivity.

• Developed assessment forms and monthly reviews to ensure continuous improvement, sharing my findings alongside management to address business needs and performance.

Business Accounts Support (2015-2017) - Onsite

• Researched and maintained over 100+ commercial customer accounts to ensure accurate and timely resolutions to inquiries and concerns.

• Maintained a Top 10 Performer position out of 150 regional team members by consistently meeting performance metrics.

• Quickly adapted to the functions and operation of processes, systems, and equipment to ensure efficient handling of customer inquiries.